‘Going underground’

After 18 years of living only 2 hours away, this week I finally went to London. (And I touristed the shiz out of it)

It probably seems a tad strange that I could live so close to such an iconic city and not have visited there before. Well, this week I packed up my bumbag and headed towards the ‘big smoke’ that is ye olde London Town.

Day 1

Sunday morning, myself and 2 of the lovely young ladies that I call my friends reached Paddington Station. All was well until we headed underground to the tube… (prior to the telling of this story I must reiterate that I had never before visited London and had no real clue of where I was meant to be going)

Well, we got to the platform and as you may know the tube arrives every 3 minutes or so. Luckily enough, when we got there a train was waiting so I stepped on but just after I did the doors closed and my friends had no way of getting on the train (I’m sure I could have pressed some sort of button to open the doors or asked for help but I did have a constant fear that a modern day Oliver Twist would sense my naivety and attempt to steal my belongings). Subsequently I was left to stay on said train and hope that the stop I got off at was the right one. I got off at Charing Cross (a platform lovingly photographed above) and  attempted to put on the sort of expression that said ‘yes, I know this place you call London. I am not a lost tourist.’. I do remember that as I was leaving the train I saw a women carrying a large cake box and I asked if I could help. She replied with a harsh ‘no’ which makes me think that I successfully gave off a cool vibe that can’t be trusted with cake but I think my Lionel Richie t-shirt may have lessened said persona.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand … losing my friends. As luck would have it, my hesitation of where I was meant to go held me up for just long enough that the next tube arrived and I was greeted with the sound of my name being shouted and my friends running towards me as though I was a dog that had runaway. We were reunited lads.

After checking into the hotel and allowing myself a moment to get over the initial Tube trauma, we began our travels. Firstly we visited the national gallery so my friends and I could attempt to be cultured (but really just to visit the gift shop and buy some novelty fridge magnets). We then visited the Natural History Museum and it was really friggin’ good. There were dinosaurs and a model of a cave man (that I felt slightly awkward around as despite being made from clay it had its ‘old fella’ on full display and I wasn’t prepared to see a Neanderthal’s todger 4 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon).

We went for dinner in the very classy borough of London that is Kensington … oh yes we went to Pizza Express, baby. Had a few cheeky alcoholic beverages in a pub and headed back to the hotel.

Yes, despite having a slightly rocky start, day 1 in London was very good indeed. I realised that I should be slightly less enthusiastic when getting on trains, learn to sometimes leave those with cake alone and to shy away from cave men that have yet to accept the concept of pants into their lives.

The adventures of Day 2 shall follow soon.

Have a nice day – Julia B


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