Beach Boiis

When it’s warm in Britain there truly is only one thing to do … go to the beach and try not to leave said beach looking like a tomato human. (To be fair, I did leave with a slight tomato-esque complexion)

Messing about in the sea and playing mini golf actually made me feel like I was about 6 again and it was great. I’m not really sure why, but being able to just sit on the sand and build a (f*cking amazing) sandcastle is strangely enjoyable. It’s one of those simple things that just lets me chill and forget I have actual adult(ish) shit to do.

I started the day a tad self-conscious with my Hawaiian shirt making me look like a young dad and ended it walking around with my watermelon swimming costume on full display! ”Twas all going well then we went to the fair and shit got real … there was a frickin’ Zoltar machine!! If you aren’t aware of what that is, it’s the premise of the film ‘Big’ (a banger of a film I may add). You just put some money in and a mechanical fortune teller tells you your future on a lil card. I know they’re just general comments so they’re essentially applicable to anyone that pays but mine was accurate af. It spoke about sleeping and that’s something I do!! (but I suppose everyone does that so I’m not going to say everything it predicted is 100%)

It also said I shall soon attract a handsome young man but I’m not too sure my crocs and bumbag are really going to allure the lads. … yeah, I think my rather unsuccessful attempts to attract the gents is a story (full on novel) for another day.

But anyway, it was a really good day and I would suggest a beach trip for anyone that loves a bit of nostalgic banter.

Also, I feel I should change my uni degree to sand castle building because my skills need to be recognised.

Have a nice day – Julia B


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